Sap Hana

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A revolutionary in-memory system that seamlessly blends database and application platform capabilities to handle high transaction rates and complex query processing. SAP HANA® transforms transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive and spatial processing, which empowers businesses to operate at the pace of business.

Earlier companies had no way of mining their massive amounts of data to find the answers to complex and critical business questions. With SAP HANA®, companies can sift through their data to discover game-changing insights into their business.

Benefits of SAP HANA®

SAP HANA® removes the chasm that to this point has separated transactions and analytics. This allows businesses to innovate and make wiser business decisions from their big data in a more simplified way.

Merging predictive analytics, spatial processing, and data virtualization onto the same architecture accelerates the answering of business questions through data to real-time.


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