Rent All with Power BI


Real Estate has a new definition, gone are the days where one had to get on the street, work up his day through number of properties listed in an Ad paper and choose one. It’s the 21st Century and the Real Estate market has met a new world, the Virtual one. We at Tech-bots, provide the near absolution of narrowing the Real-time experience and Virtual experience of choosing a Property.

While all the above-mentioned specifications are important for choosing a property, in the age of Technology, it isn’t sufficient. Today when the world is getting smaller and smaller, we need to make our decisions based on various calculations and comparisons. Tech-bots RentAll provides that to you with all the ease in the making. Comparing the Pricing of the Properties based on locations and no. of rooms in the property in specific locations and various other options that can be customized to meet your expectation.

An added advantage with us being that you can schedule your visit to the property RealTime on the Application to ease your Visit.

Below is a Snapshot of Graphical representation for the Data Available.